4 years of engineering are finally over
And the damage it has done, well everyday feels like a hangover.

From fake friends who gossip behind your back
To pulling all-nighters like a professional insomniac.

Honing our doodling skills while teachers taught the lessons
Sleeping with our eyes open became nothing short of blessings.

Walking into college with the security checking for id cards
I swear the ones at our college are stricter than prison guards.

Photocopying the notes of our class toppers one week before the test
Cramming it into our heads and then praying for the best.

The last minute learning we get from those friends who teach better than teachers
I don’t know what the rest of us would do without those marvelous creatures.

We are told about the “oh so amazing friends” that we’ll make
Not the ones who take advantage of us till the point we break.

They tell us it’ll be the best years of our lives
They conveniently forget to mention all BS and the sacrifice.

And when it ends, taking pictures with some people who mean nothing to you
Hearing them say “I’ll stay in touch”, like they think that’ll ever be true.

So long, farewell I hate to say goodbye
Okay, I’m kidding, I hope you know that was just a lie.


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