Day after day I feel I’m getting replaced
I thought that in your heart I would always have a place.
What we did, you do with someone else
I used to be the first one to whom your stories you would tell.
I’m holding on but you’re letting me go
I still love and care for you, just thought you should know.
Yes we talk, but it’s not as much as we used to before
Is it something I did or do you just not like hanging out with me anymore?
You’re important to me and  I’m here to stay
But it feels like you’re almost trying to push me away.
You’re my person, my best friend forever
Then why does it seem like our friendship is being severed?
We promised each other that we’d always stay in touch
But it seems like these days you don’t miss me as much.
We can fix this, I believe that with all my heart.
All I know is that from you I never want to part.


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