Your Duty

Actions misinterpreted and consequences faced
You do not come into this world to put people in their place.

Mistakes happen and lessons are learned
You don’t have the right to judge, the court of life is adjourned.

Bonds break and people get shattered
Stop justifying pain, their feelings matter.

People get mocked at, manipulated and used
You don’t get to put them down even if you are amused.

This world is clearly not a wish granting factory
Stop stepping on the fallen for your satisfactory.

Tragedies are faced and pain is endured
Not everything in life can just be cured.

Horrible things happen, things you can’t justify
Stop thinking it’s an over-reaction, they cannot be simplified.

Talking behind their backs and calling them weak is just so cheap
You don’t know what they’ve been through, so don’t dwell on their lives, so deep.

Rumours and gossips and exaggerations need to meet their end
If you can’t help them then at least stop the drama and quit pretending to be their friend.

Protect yourself from the toxic people, shield your heart
Your duty is to be kind and loving, not to tear people apart.


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