Thank you again, life, for proving me right
For astutely pointing out my failures, for showing me that I’m not worth the fight.
Just when I pick myself up, you push me back down
You keep expecting that I’ll come back around.
Is this some sort of punishment? Have I committed a crime?
To deserve so much disappointment, time after time?
I just got better, my faith was restored
You came back to “teach me lessons” and help me to grow
How much more, I ask you, how much more do I need to see my world shake?
I’ve been struggling to get back up, stop this nonsense, give me a break!

Listen to me buddy, here’s what I’ve got to say
All this suffering, all this negativity will soon go away.
I’m praying for you, I want you to come out shining in life
No more failures for you, please, just no more strife.
When you feel alone, attacked and your heart is gripped with fear
Just remember that I’m standing with you, I am right over here.
I know that you’re sad, and right now, no amount of words will console you
But hear me when I say this, believe me, you will get through.
I’ve seen you fall, you were broken, scared and lost
Please don’t give up, you’re a warrior and I will fight with you at any cost.

I know that we become stronger with pain, but why does it feel like it’s always me that life chooses?
I know that I’m not supposed to care about those people who say “There goes the girl who always loses”.
I know that I have people and things in life to be thankful for
But sometimes I can’t think of the positive, even my mind feels sore.
I’m trying to get my mind in order, I’m being objective and trying to understand
I know I have to fight harder although I’m tired; please don’t give up on me, just hold my hand.


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