A blank stare, a lost look in her eyes
She stood there looking as the days passed by
Zero understanding of what was going on
She didn’t see where in her past, things went so wrong
Why couldn’t I be like everybody else, she thought
Why was she the victim, why did she have to be put on the spot?
She remembered the times she had spent with her friends
All that was gone, this was the end.
She stood on the edge and took a deep breath
She jumped off the building and fell to her death.
Why did she take she have to take such extreme measures, you ask
She tried to be fine, she tried to be strong but was tired of wearing a mask.
Where were her loved ones, and where were her friends?
They didn’t understand her, and didn’t listen when she tried to make amends.
She never meant to drive everyone away
It was depression that took pieces of her everyday.
When you see the symptoms, don’t think that it’s an excuse
Don’t make the same mistake, hold him/her close.
Hold  them close and don’t let them sink down
Pull them out from the darkness and light the way along


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