No one hates you, you aren’t at war
The world isn’t against you, stop pushing people away so far.
Shit happens but give yourself a chance to heal
You can’t live with so much bitterness, it’s too much to feel.
You may not have all the answers but you can grow and cope
Stop punishing yourself, be kind and don’t give up hope.
Yes, there are days that are hard to face
In this crazy world, you will eventually find your place.
Open the doors of possibilities, let in the light
It is sad that you can’t see the warmth and light you give others that shines so bright.
What is it that you’re trying to prove, that it’s you against the world?
Yes we’re alone but don’t do that with yourself, don’t be so cold.
You are the only one you can rely on, you know that now
You want to be excellent, start by begin your own best friend,then you’ll see how.
How your world will begin to change when you see what you’re worth
Don’t settle for less than what you deserve.


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