Don’t you see how far you’ve come?
Don’t you realize what you’ve become?

You fight against the world and against yourself too
You fight for yourself because there’s no one else to.

You help those around you, the ones who are in need
You don’t care for the rumors that surround you coming from the people with just greed.

You put your sword down before your loved ones, and give them the benefit of the doubt
It’s sad that you don’t feel like you belong because you had no one but yourself to whom you could scream and shout.

You lend a hand to the broken ones, those sadly damaged souls
You’d never step over someone the way people have stepped over you in order to achieve your goals.

You’re dealing with a haunting past and sometimes you’re overcome with grief
Though now there’s a temporary calm after the storm you dare not breathe a sigh of relief.

You’ve fought valiantly, even through all the hurt
You gave shelter to the people you loved and they threw you away like dirt.

You’re no longer a victim, raise your head, you are a survivor
You’ve been fighting since the day you were born, you’re a headstrong warrior.



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